American Frontline Guards is a proven full-service security solutions firm
We are a client-centric firm providing comprehensive private security solutions for our clients. With our extensive knowledge; we provide coverage on security vulnerabilities that are otherwise exposed to potential loss. 
In our current macro environment, security risks are ever-increasing, count on us for expert advice, competitive pricing and quality service to ensure your assets are protected from harm. Our expertise is deployed in virtually every industry and provide a solution to the inherent risks that confront our clients unique situation. 


What Private Security Guards Can Do For You

Property owners these days have a lot of options when it comes to security. From surveillance systems, to alarm systems, to private security guards, it can be difficult to decide what security option is right for you. However, the truth is, whether you need to protect residencies, event spaces, parking lots, or any other property, there is simply no replacing private security guards for ensuring that your property is safe. American Frontline Guards want you to know these reasons why your business needs private security guards.

The Best Crime Deterrent

Some believe that a surveillance camera system is an effective deterrent for criminals. However, this is simply not the case. Though cameras are of course better for security than no system at all, nothing can replace the presence of private security guards for deterring crime.

When would-be criminals see a security door guard or vehicle patrol, they know that human eyes are on them, a proven deterrent to criminal behavior.

On-the-Spot Decision Making

Security situations, like  everything else in life, are unpredictable. To achieve the best possible defense for your property, you need to make sure you’re ready for the unexpected. Unlike a camera security and alarm system on its own, the private security guards can make decisions from moment to moment, helping to deal with unexpected and dangerous situations.

No one is better at on-the-spot decision making than our trained staff at American Frontline Guards. Our private security guards use their  State of California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services training to evaluate and handle whatever situation might arise on your property. With American Frontline guards, you will have the services of a security guard company that is always prepared for the unexpected.

A Team of Experts 

With private security guards, you don’t just have security guards, you have a team of committed efforts who will not just work for you, but with you,  in order to develop a plan of defense that is the best for your business.

At American Frontline Guards, the needs of our clients will always take #1 priority. That means that we are committed to helping you, no matter what your security needs. Our expert staff will evaluate your property for security vulnerabilities, and then deliver customized service that gives you maximum protection.

100% Reliability

Perhaps the biggest benefit to private security guards are the peace of mind they will offer you. With our 24/7 live tracking, you will always know that our guards are on the job and on-task, never leaving you worried that your property is undefended. You can trust our expertise to be ready for any situation, and to always offer the best protection services at a competitive rate. That’s our promise, and that’s the difference private security can make.

If you’re a business owner in California, we know that your life is already hectic enough without  having to worry about the security of your property. That’s why you need the reliable, expertly trained private security guards that only American Frontline Guards can offer. You can always count on us.

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