Where does American Frontline Guards provide it's Security Guard Services?

We provide security solutions to much of Southern California. Areas covered include Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, and San Fernando Valley. Call us directly for a free quote at (818) 746-5891.

What are your hours of operation?

We offer 24-hour security services. In fact, our dispatch center is always in contact with guards out on the field to ensure around the clock safety and security for our client's assets. You may contact us at anytime and we generally respond to quotes within the same day!

What about your pricing? 

American Frontline Guards provides the most competitive pricing in our region. In fact, we stand by our guarantee of matching or beating our competitors offer. We are disciplined in maintaining our costs, which allows us to offer the prices we do. 

Is American Frontline Guards compliant?

As a Private Patrol Operator, we are covered by all insurance coverages required by the State of California and, in fact, carry more coverage than the minimum. We can also tailor insurance needs on a per-client basis. 

Are your guards trained?

At American Frontline Guards, all employees are required to complete a rigorous training course that meets the requirements set by the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services). 

How do we know your guards are working on-site and not sleeping or distracted on-duty?

Our guards are monitored in real-time via our Dispatch Center. During our setup, we set tags across your site and create a patrol route that the guard must complete, routinely, throughout their shift. This ensures the guard is on his patrol route because we get notified if he misses a tag. In addition, our supervisors routinely visit the site to ensure our guard is protecting the worksite.

What does management do to ensure guards are on alert?

Our supervisors routinely patrol the site to check up on our guards, unannounced. We evaluate the site, our guard, reports related to the site, as well as other procedures to ensure our clients assets are protected.

What is your hiring process?

We are very selective when it comes to hiring guards. All of our guards are experienced in the security field and have passed extensive background checks before hiring. We check personal references, conduct interviews, and routienly audit our personnel to ensure a top-tier crew.

How do you implement a security solution for an assignment?

Upon accepting our offer, we will deploy a site manager to visit the location and determine checkpoints on the premises. Our guards will routinely guard the site by actively visiting each location we determine a checkpoint. Guards will report to us, in real-time, at every checkpoint ensuring there is no danger to confront.

What are the benefits of obtaining a security guard?

Security guards help deter and prevent crime. We save our clients from potential loss from theft, vandalism, and much more. Our guards are able to confront any situation that poses a risk to your assets. 

May we contact management directly?

Yes! Our dispatch center is open 24/7. You may call us anytime at (818) 746-5891. Rest assured, we always have an eye on our guards. We leverage our technology to track each movement in real-time, as well as, get alerts that our guards have inspected each checkpoint throughout there shift. 

What can we expect from American Frontline Guards?

Competitive pricing, quality care and service, and a client-centric business model to ensure you're taken care of!  

We understand the importance of safeguarding our client’s employees, assets, and facilities

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